Reward System

MyNewsScan operates a points system - you can earn points by browsing articles (2 points each time a new article is opened) and answering questions after each article. For answering the questions your points equal to the number of answered general questions (e.g. how useful do you think the article is) multiplied by the number of correctly answered specific questions about each article. Longer articles have more specific questions, hence you can earn more points for them. You can answer multiple times - only your best score for each article counts. As the project develops, you will be able to convert points to various rewards. Your points may also determine your role in MyNewsScan community (e.g. by reaching certain milestones you may be able to suggest and/or annotate articles).

Contact Us

For any inquiries, suggestions or complaints, please email This project is currently under development, so we very much welcome your input.

About Us

MyNewsScan is a news aggregator project, coordinated by Dr. Gedi Luksys and Dr. Robin Hill from the University of Edinburgh and implemented by UoE students/graduates Ahsun Tariq, Jia Wei Tan, Zhewen Du, Mariana Martinez Juarez, Jiachen Zheng, Yiyun Zhu, Jiachen Cai, Ziyi Zhang, Jingxian Zhao and Kim Ngan Linda Nguyen. Its main purpose is to provide useful, diverse and high quality news selection of various topics to international readers. We also collect readers' feedback about the articles to investigate the role of schemas on learning, decision making, and more generally on how factors such as perceived news accuracy, familiarity, readability, usefulness and changing one's view affect their performance and popularity. MyNewsScan is not a commercial entity.